Mass grave found in Iraqi city previously held by Daesh

Iraqi troops discovered on Friday a mass grave containing the bodies of 40 people in the Iraqi city of Al-Ramadi, which was held by Daesh in 2015.

Speaking to reporters, Ammar Nuri al-Dulaimi, director of the Martyrs Committee, said that the grave was found in Altash neighbourhood in the south of Al-Ramadi, in the centre of Al-Anbar Province.

He said that the bodies had bullet wounds in the heads, indicating that they were most likely executed by Daesh militants when they controlled the region.

Al-Dulaimi added that the bodies were found in an advanced state of decomposition, making their identification extremely difficult. They were, however, removed to a hospital for forensic tests.

The city was recaptured from Daesh in December 2015 after it had fallen to the militants in the summer of that year.