Israeli occupation forces confiscate Children’s toys on eve of Eid celebration

Israeli occupation forces confiscated the toys of Bani Naim’s town children in eastern Hebron in the occupied West Bank on Thursday.

Local sources stated that Israeli occupation forces broke into the town and searched a number of children’s toy stores. They confiscated bead-rifles, paintballs, firecrackers and laser toys claiming that there was an issue with permits.

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In a statement distributed and glued on the doors of the town’s shops, the occupation forces demanded that “the possession of dangerous games such as beads guns, paintballs, fireworks and laser toys without permission is forbidden in this place. Selling dangerous toys that are used by terrorist organizations is also prohibited as it may affect the security of the region. No party is allowed to possess dangerous games without permission and without obeying the law. ”

The Israeli occupation forces have previously declared war on fireworks, confiscating 45 firecrackers from a shop in the village of Yabad in Jenin in northern West Bank and 48 fireworks in Nablus.